Policy Development

IVAEN Education is an active policymaker, focused on continuous improvement of the educational environment we create. To provide a clear indication of our commitment to quality and high standards in education, we dynamically develop and maintain various policies and guidelines for our higher education institutions.

We guide our institutions in resolving difficult questions of resource allocation, such as how to prioritize different initiatives, equitably organize student engagement and activities, and promote efficient collaboration among our network.

At the same time, policy development allows us to support the development of a new strategic framework for digital transformation in higher education, which goes along our mission and values to embrace innovation.

Realising the full potential of digitalisation – and avoiding its risks – requires that higher education institutions comprehensively rethink their approaches to education – including how they support learners; how faculty members are trained and supported, and how quality is assured. Therefore, comprehensive policy development fosters better strategy integration and enhancement among all our institutions.