GBSB Global Switzerland

Acknowledged as a pioneer in digital business education, GBSB Global Business School offers students the most advanced digital EdTech tools at their fingertips. The online and executive education campus in Switzerland – the digital learning hub, offers revolutionary online degree programs at all levels: Bachelor, Master and MBA. Promoting leadership in academics and business, students graduate with extensive acumen and best practices to accelerate innovation and digitalization.

Alongside a well-established partnership with Microsoft, GBSB Global Business School has developed unique in-house learning and teaching methodologies, creating a fully engaging academic experience online. GBSB Global’s digital presence has been developed though a commitment to offer the most innovative education and the online learning platform, powered by Microsoft and Moodle, that can be justifiably called world-leading. Through the online platform, students receive the richest, engaging, most interactive learning experience available.

GBSB Global Business School executive education programs empower talented individuals and enable leaders, managers and entrepreneurs to realize their potential and maximize their contributions to their businesses and communities. Professionals who have completed executive education at GBSB Global Business School feel that they learn and see a real change in their responses to the challenges they face in their careers.

A diverse academic team of industry professionals, successful entrepreneurs, prominent business owners and executives from across the globe, help GBSB Global Business School in shaping the design and development of the ever-advancing curriculum, making it applicable to business today with insights into what is in store tomorrow.