Our Mission

Our Mission

At IVAEN Education our mission is to bring a new level of excellence to the educational process by delivering state-of-the-art, digitally-driven, and pedagogically-grounded solutions in higher education and by providing higher education institutions and educational organizations with the tools and customized solutions to embrace innovation.

Our Core Values

Embracing Innovation

Innovation is the way to the future. We understand how important it is to use creative thinking, channel our imaginations, and come up with new solutions for education.

Future leaders need to be prepared for jobs they cannot currently imagine, and nurturing, teaching and practicing a set of innovation skills is at the center of being prepared for the future of work.

At IVAEN Education we believe that thinking creatively and “out of the box”, researching new tendencies, using technology, and adapting to changing circumstances are necessary to provide excellence to the educational process.

Robust Quality Assurance

Conditions for effective quality assurance for higher education institutions development include ensuring ownership of the process through meaningful dialogue and actions, and an opportunity for “out of the box” thinking and creativity.

IVAEN Education develops and sustains professional culture of robust quality assurance to support development of our network, with an emphasis on ensuring that learners have the best learning opportunities possible.

Awareness, Diversity, and Inclusion

A strong diversity and inclusion strategy helps us drive innovative results in everything we do. Being aware of that is one of the foundational pieces of being a global organization nowadays.

We know that diversity can only deliver on its full potential when it exists in a genuinely inclusive environment. Therefore, we strive to be culturally aware and recognize and appreciate the nuances of culture and background in all organizations within our network.