Who We Are

IVAEN Education is a dynamic organization into creative solutions in higher education, representing a network of innovative business schools and educational companies across Europe. Our main focus is to provide higher education institutions with exemplary services in the key areas of innovation and program development, marketing, communication and institutional relationships, policy development, and international students’ recruiting.

Who we are Ivaen Education Ltd

IVAEN Education exists to inspire and sustain a network of innovative higher education institutions by using scientific and creative expertise to deliver state-of-the-art, digitally-driven, and pedagogically-grounded solutions in higher education and by providing proven growth from designing strategy, building capacity, and creating educational tools. Our approach is based upon the premise that innovation as a “set of skills” can be nurtured, taught and practiced.

Our institutions deliver business-oriented programs in a wide range of business disciplines that generate strong interest from students, employers and different stakeholders and provide significant employment outcomes.

Across our higher education institutions, we share a goal to make quality higher education to foster business innovation by enhancing the innovative competencies of future global leaders. It is a goal we believe will help us contribute to the world economic development and to promote sustainable growth across countries and economies.