Innovation & Program Development

Innovation and program development is a multi-step, ongoing, and cyclical process aimed at designing an effective curriculum. Engaging in the process of programme design and development is key to developing coherent, effective, challenging, engaging and efficient approaches to student learning.

IVAEN Education is fully responsible for academic program development and implementation, from new undergraduate and graduate degree programs, innovative teaching methodologies, state-of-the-art programs e.g. Blockchain Management, corporate trainings, various short courses and other qualifications.

When designing educational programs, we examine principles and practices in the design, teaching and evaluation of curriculum, and opportunities and challenges for program innovation with the purpose to achieve desirable student learning outcomes in the most efficient way.

Our approach to program development includes:

  • Constructive alignment of learning objectives, teaching and assessment; 
  • Principles for innovative teaching and assessment approaches that promote effective learning;
  • Ways to seek feedback from students to help determine and develop the efficacy of the approaches chosen;
  • Active learning approaches such as inquiry-based learning, problem-based learning, use of case studies and role play; and
  • The use of digital and information technologies and flexible, student-cantered learning.

IVAEN Education is committed to innovation in education by:

  • Continuous application of the latest trends and methods in innovative education including innovative teaching methods;
  • Development of business programs that encourage, nurture, and advance the innovative potential students possess;
  • Focus on the development of digital skills and support of a fully digitized environment;
  • Innovative teaching methods like visual thinking and design thinking, new product development, rapid prototyping, to name a few.